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The Vision

Not a new idea... a better idea

Many ideas have been proposed on how to improve government. Citizens' Assembly is an idea on how to improve democratic government by creating a more engaged and thoughtful public to enable our governments to do more and better address our challenges. Founded by Geoff Campbell, the CA uses legislative reform and individual incentives to inject the voice of the average citizen into government decision making. The system utilizes technologies we have readily available today and is designed to enable anyone to participate recognizing time constraints we all face in our lives.

What Citizens' Assembly Means

  • Legislators we can trust—because they're regular people just like us.
  • The ability to vote for specific proposals instead of for general parties and politicians.
  • More open, transparent government and less backroom deals.
  • A deeper understanding of government by regular people—and vice versa.
  • A stronger platform for long-term change.

Jefferson's Spark


Jefferson's Spark is an overview of why the Citizens' Assembly is needed and how it will work.

It outlines the foundation of the Citizens' Assembly concept by examining the changes over the past 50 years to the four main actors in our political landscape: the media, politicians, special interests and the general public. The Citizens' Assembly process and desired outcomes are summarized and the appendix details a “how to” guide for anyone wishing to create an Assembly in their own community. The appendix also includes a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the Assembly model.

But most importantly, it was written to be read by anyone in a weekend. No academic language or abstract theories, just a simple description of the idea and its application.

100% of the sales proceeds for Jefferson's Spark go to the Citizens Assembly Foundation. The Foundation is a California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation created to help promote and educate people on the Citizens' Assembly concept, including support in organizing local Assembly efforts.

Download Jefferson's Spark HERE.

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